A Dent-free Car Is a Great Father’s Day Gift

A PDR gift for Father’s Day can put a smile on Dad’s face. After all, most men love their cars, and restoring a car to pristine condition feels revitalizing. With summer around the corner, the car is ready for road trips and other summer fun.

It’s amazing how dents and dings can build up and age the look of a vehicle. Every season has its hazards, whether it’s falling tree branches, hail pelleting surfaces or snowballs and icicles leaving dents. If you surprise Dad with a dent-free gift, the shape the car is in could last for a while. Plus, this is a gift that dads can appreciate.

Want a quick and easy makeover? Paintless dent removal (PDR) is the answer.


Modern luxury business sedan in the light of evening sun

How Does It Work?

Special tools and training enable our specialists to work on your car without damaging the paint. At a body shop, technicians strip paint and repaint surfaces. Plus, your car may be in the shop for several days. Not to mention that traditional auto body work diminishes the value of the vehicle. It also leaves a negative carfax which lowers the price of the vehicle.

By contrast, with PDR, our specialists can come to you and complete the work within a few hours. Gently massaging out the dents with the right techniques, you can see unsightly dents vanish before your eyes. Whenever dent damage isn’t extreme, PDR is the easiest and fastest solution. It’s also the most convenient solution for customers who live busy lives.

Arrange a PDR Gift for Father’s Day

Making arrangements for our services can be done quickly through our website or a phone call. If using our site, enter your information into our contact form. If you have images of the dents, you can attach them as well. We’ll get back to you soon with a quote. Or, if you prefer talking to us, call our shop at (631) 590-5003. We’re glad to answer your questions and schedule your repair.